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BUDGET 2021: When Will It Happen

On Wednesday, 27th October, Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled his Budget.

He outlined how much of our money the government will take in taxes, and what they will spend it on.

What is the Budget?

Each year, the chancellor of the exchequer - who is in charge of the government's finances - makes a Budget statement to MPs in the House of Commons.

It outlines the government's plans for raising or lowering taxes. It also includes big decisions on what the government will spend money on - including health, schools, police, and other public services.

When is the Budget?

The Budget speech will be delivered on Wednesday 27 October.

It usually starts at about 12:30 UK time and lasts about an hour. Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer will give his response straight afterwards.

This year's Autumn Budget is unusual for two reasons:

- It's the second of the year - there was a Budget in March too

- It comes on the same day as the results of a spending review, which details how the government will fund public services for the next three years.

After the speech, the independent Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) - which monitors government spending - will publish a report on how the economy is doing.

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