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We have become aware of an aggressive HMRC letter scam, whereby the scammers are demanding payment of a past tax liability or penalty, and asking people to call 0300 200 3819 to help discuss payment.

Although it looks like an official and authentic HMRC letter, it is definitely a scam for the following reasons:

The payment reference may or may not be incorrect;

HMRC would never ask you to call before paying – they would just ask you to pay;

The number is very similar to an HMRC number as it starts with 0300 200, but it is not an actual HMRC number;

One letter a client received went back to 2013 but HMRC usually only go back up to 6 years

If you Google the number on the letter, it comes up with a warning that this is a very aggressive HMRC scam claiming that you have committed tax fraud

The letter warns of a scam at the bottom of the letter which makes it look authentic, but the scam letter misspells “phishing” as “phising”.

If you receive any demand or other communication from HMRC that you are unsure about, please call us immediately and we will check it out for you.


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